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Most Parents are surprised to learn that their child should see an orthodontist for an initial evaluation at age 7. but that’s exactly when the American Association of Orthodontics recommends this first screening.

At age 7, baby teeth are starting to be replaced with permanent teeth and it’s a great time to check for potential problems related to: crowding bite issues, jaw misalignment, protruding teeth, crooked teeth and facial imbalances.

Speaker Orthodontics offers FREE Consultations for kids ages 7 and up. The good news is, typically less than 10% of kids need orthodontics at age 7.

If treatment is not recommended, your child becomes a member of the 7 & Up Speaker Smile Club!. As a member, your child will receive: Free Growth and development appointments every 6-12 months, A “Licence to Smile” lanyard and T-shirt, fun gifts and continued free records. That’s a power package of smiles!

The Benefits to you are, first of all, it’s FREE! A trained specialist will evaluate your child for any problems. By being seen as recommended (every 6-12 months) Treatment can be recommended at the right time. The benefit to you and your child is less time in treatment, and the prevention of bigger problems that require more involved and more expensive treatment (extractions, surgery, etc).

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