Meet Dr. Speaker

Being an orthodontist is deeply fulfilling. The profession gives me the opportunity, with each person I treat, to make a lasting and positive change in their life. I am able to give individuals their healthiest, most beautiful and confident smiles! While the focus is always on results, my team and I strive to provide an enjoyable treatment experience too. We are attentive to each person’s comfort, and are here to encourage and support you as you make this change in your life.
--- Dr. Steven Speaker


As an orthodontist, Dr. Steven Speaker is dedicated to providing each patient with an enjoyable treatment experience and a radiant, finished smile. He and his team are skilled professionals who utilize advanced orthodontic techniques and technologies while also being warm and personable.

Genuinely friendly and caring, Dr. Speaker and each of the staff members ensure patients know they are heard, valued, and in excellent hands throughout the treatment experience.



About me

An Amazing Artist!

I love the artistic aspect of orthodontics: tending to the details that create each person’s uniquely beautiful smile. When I am painting, I want people to feel something when they look at my art. When I create beautiful smiles, I want others to feel the joy, love, and confidence behind those smiles!
It is a privilege to give each patient a stronger self-image, improved oral health, and a one-of-a-kind smile they love; I look forward to creating your best smile!
--- Dr. Steven Speaker
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Dr. Speaker is an active member of the:

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • Texas Dental Association
  • Piney Woods Study Club

Through these organizations, he has access to numerous avenues to further his knowledge and stay current on the latest developments in oral healthcare. In addition to attending meetings, lectures, and seminars, Dr. Speaker avidly studies the latest research and peer-reviewed journals.

By staying at the leading edge of orthodontic technology and methodology as well as emerging trends, Dr. Speaker provides up-to-date care to his patients.

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